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Daleka Droga ~ Comission for Maera Fey by X-RIOPerla-X
by X-RIOPerla-X

What I really like about this picture is how you managed to perfectly embody the vision the commissioner had in her head. Each of the c...



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1. For :iconnichers:
"a stick-figure lioness or something"
status: FINISHED
Jiwe the Stick by MaeraFey

2. For :icontherealblacklion:
portrait of his fursona and his mate licking his cheek
status: FINISHED
Kissu Kissu by MaeraFey

3. For :iconanarsadoptionagency:
lion family portrait of three characters (MoonBell, Jerico, Anar)
status: not started yet

4. For :iconlarabunny:
baby Kiara biting Kopa's ear (larabunny's version of him), artwork similar to the one I did for TheRealBlackLion
status: FINISHED
The Calm Before the Storm by MaeraFey

5. For :icononcoming-storm:
"two [her] OC's playing around (similar to Kovu and Kiara just before the 'start a pride all our own' bit)"
status: FINISHED
Like Children by MaeraFey

6. For :icontherealblacklion:
a full body picture with background and shading of his fursona and his mate in a cute pose
status: FINISHED
Purrr... by MaeraFey

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Hi guys,

For around a week I’ve been feeling pretty bad. I had this random pains in various parts of my body, as if I was being stung with needles. Not to mention that couple of times my left hand started shivering for no reason. Around midnight, my bodily temperature began to rise. When it reached over 38°C, I disobeyed my mum, who forbade me to take any antipyretics. Now my face feels numb (lips especially), can this be a side effect of the medicine or fever?

Ever since the morning, I begged my parents to take me to a doctor, but since I don’t have a cough, nor a runny nose, they concluded that I’m not sick enough yet. I’m supposed to wait until Monday, when, hopefully, I’ll finally get the “right” symptoms.

What scares me is that we’re supposed to go on a trip to a remote countryside, where it will be practically impossible to get any medical if anything should happen. All what I managed to do is to get it proponed by one day. We’re going tomorrow. Maybe I should start to fake the symptoms they want to see? Do you think it will convince them that I’m sick for “realsies”?

Funny, now my legs went numb too. They feel so cold.

Anyway, sorry if I skip a Daily Drawing or two. I’ll do my best to catch up as soon as I feel any better.

Guys, guys, GUYS! You'll never gonna believe what happened!

One of my pony OCs – Silly Question (you may remember her from this piece: Where Do Ponies Come From by MaeraFey), made an appearance in a webcomic titled “Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k”, drawn by :icongatesmccloud:. GatesMcCloud is an author of several comics – both original and MLP-related. I have admit, even though all of them are great, “CMC 10k” is my absolute favorite (in fact, it belongs to my personal Top10 My Little Pony Fan Comics list)! Having my OC making a cameo in the story is like a dream come true.

Without further ado, the page in which you can see Silly Question as a chaos demon:

Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k: The Lost 34 by GatesMcCloud

Please, consider reading the rest of the story. You won’t be disappointed. GatesMcCloud is a really amazing artist with an unbelievably huge amount of content in his gallery.


Hi guys,

Sorry for suddenly going silent and giving no explanation. Last couple of months I was in a state of headless-chicken panic, since it turned out than my tutor was going on vacation what meant that I have much, much, MUCH less time to write my thesis than I thought I did. To you this may seem like a not big of a deal but without thesis I would not get the diploma, and without the diploma I wouldn’t be able to continue my studies, and if I do not continue my studies now, chances are I never will, since my parents are not patient folks. They kind of heave this “if you don’t study you need to get a job involving a lot of hard manual labor or get the f**k out of our home and fend for yourself” attitude.

Hopefully, now you understand why I was panicking.

Unfortunately, in the state I was in, I wasn’t able to think about anything other than my thesis and (possibly grim) future. It didn’t even occurred to me that maybe I should write a journal about why I am pretending to be dead. I am deeply sorry for this. I hope you’ll accept my apologies.

Luckily, I managed to complete my thesis at time (it was a crazy ride) and passed the final exam with flying colors. I shall receive my diploma soon. This means that I finally am able to go back to having life and stuff. As probably some of you noticed, I started getting back to drawing by producing Daily Drawings. Those are quickly made Fan Arts featuring single character each. I hope to get in shape thanks to them (my skills got rather rusty). This is why each of them is a little bit different – I play around with different techniques in order to find the ones that shall suit me the most.

Now for the interesting part, since I didn’t make any plans on drawing representatives from any specific franchises, I’m open to suggestions. :iconasztat: already asked for any characters form “One Piece” and “Mario” (you know, the game series about an Italian stereotype). I was forced to say "no to the former proposition, since I’m really not all that familiar with this particular anime. However, I’ll be more happy to draw someone form the latter franchise (it’s probably going to be title character himself). How about you? Do you have any ideas?

Remember, all I’m saying is that I MAY draw what you ask for, not that I 100% WILL. Daily Drawings are not the same as free requests. Also, remember: franchises only. Don’t ask for your OCs, UNLESS you are creating a comic or written stories based around them.

By the way, expect more artwork featuring models done is Sculptris. There are going to be at least three more pictures starring The Little Dragon. It took ages to sculpture him so I’m planning to exploit this character as much as I can.

Marta “Maera Fey” Tarasiuk



1. “One Piece” by :iconasztat:

2. “Mario” by :iconasztat:


Marta Tarasiuk
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It could have been worst. I could have added them to "Ponies YAY" or "Totally Not a Secret Porn Floder". xD
Lycanamu Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Yeah tho. xD I've started wondering if I should just accept that a lot of people are going to first interpret them as some sort of furries, - because, to be honest, their concept isn't so different, and well, it's cool to see that people enjoy them anyway. 8D And art is something everyone can interpret in their own way.
MaeraFey Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, werewolves are usually considered to be furries. xD
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