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Daleka Droga ~ Comission for Maera Fey by X-RIOPerla-X
by X-RIOPerla-X

What I really like about this picture is how you managed to perfectly embody the vision the commissioner had in her head. Each of the c...




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1. For :iconnichers:
"a stick-figure lioness or something"
status: FINISHED
Jiwe the Stick by MaeraFey

2. For :icontherealblacklion:
portrait of his fursona and his mate licking his cheek
status: FINISHED
Kissu Kissu by MaeraFey

3. For :iconanarsadoptionagency:
lion family portrait of three characters (MoonBell, Jerico, Anar)
status: not started yet

4. For :iconlarabunny:
baby Kiara biting Kopa's ear (larabunny's version of him), artwork similar to the one I did for TheRealBlackLion
status: FINISHED
The Calm Before the Storm by MaeraFey

5. For :icononcoming-storm:
"two [her] OC's playing around (similar to Kovu and Kiara just before the 'start a pride all our own' bit)"
status: FINISHED
Like Children by MaeraFey

6. For :icontherealblacklion:
a full body picture with background and shading of his fursona and his mate in a cute pose
status: FINISHED
Purrr... by MaeraFey

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Hi guys,

I know you’re not too keen on commenting my journal (and reading it, for that matter) but this time I really need your help so I beg you, please, bear with me this couple of minutes.

You see, there are some questions about self-publishing that have been haunting me for months, even years, perhaps. Recently, the problem became so big that at nights it’s preventing from sleeping.

Namely, I have been worrying about the legal implications of being a self-publisher.

Of course, before coming here to bother you, I did some research on the subject. What I found out is that if an author prints the book on his or her own and then sells it on eBay or a similar site, he or she cannot do it as a natural person. It’s necessary to become a juridical person first (meaning, you have to be a firm). This applies to both, Poland and the Great Britain. In Poland there is a loophole to this, however. A natural person can sell goods if he or she acquired them more than six months prior to selling them. This means that if the author prints his or hers books, then wait a half of the year, and only after this sells them, he or she doesn’t have to pay any taxes (at least as long as the sum earned during the time of one year is no bigger than 3091PLN – which is around $1000, by the way).

The info I did not found is how the things look from the legal standpoint when you publish and sell via such entities as Amazon, Lulu, Gumroad, and IndyPlanet.

Both Lulu and Gumroad offer some info on the subject on their websites. It amounts to: “We don’t know. You take care of your own taxes. Since you publish here on your own responsibility, if you go to the jail, it’s totally not our fault. Have fun! :trollface:

About Amazon, I talked to :iconiron-lyons:. According to her knowledge and experience it looks like opening a firm is not necessary. It would appear that one can sell there as a natural person, which is most reassuring.

Sadly, when it comes to IndyPlanet I’m still in the complete darkness.

Perhaps any of you had self-published, has a friend who did so or did a research on the subject. If yes, I would be most grateful for any form help and insight into the matter.


PS: Does anyone have any idea how the taxing looks with crowdfunding and Patreon? Because according to the Polish legislation the first one is a one, big legal black hole and the latter doesn’t even exist.

Hey guys,

Have you ever heard about :iconnichers:? If you are a member of either The Lion King or Harry Potter fandom, you probably did, since she an active and quite prominent member of both communities. And if you happened to be one of the five people who haven’t met her yet, just go and talk to her already! Seriously, dudes (and dudettes), she’s the nicest person in the world and the greatest friend one could have.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing all of this (yes, you, this one person who stumbled across this journal accidentally and still reads this just to torture yourself). You see, even though :iconnichers:’s drawing still need some improvement, she already is a top-notch writer (seriously publish houses, why are her books not a top-shelf best-sellers yet?). If you are a The Lion King fan or you just enjoy reading anthropomorphic novel (you know, stuff like Watership Down by Richard Adams, Warriors by Erin Hunter, Guardians of Ga'Hoole by Kathryn Lasky, and Duncton Wood by William Horwood), you really need to check her “Lioness Tales” three mini-novels: Njano's Secret, Chiku's Training, and Jiwe's Freedom.

If you are not sure whether or not you want to read them, try reading those samples: The Beginnings of the Njano Pride by Nichers Ishara's Last Story-Telling by Nichers Shut up, Jiwe! by Nichers A Tough Price to Pay by Nichers

Wait guys, don’t go just yet. I have more reading recommendation to make. If you are looking for some novel with lions as mane protagonists, I encourage you to look up The Forges of Dawn by E.M. Kinsey (also known as :iconiron-lyons:). It’s the first volume of series known as Iron Lyons, which looks rather promising.

There is the juicy cover together with a lil’ bit about the plot: Forges of Dawn Official Cover - FINAL by Iron-Lyons and here are some samples: Novel Sneak Peak I by Iron-Lyons Novel Sneak Peak II by Iron-Lyons 'The Forges of Dawn' Sneak Peek ChapterA reddish blur moved across the grasses of the open plains, its shape gradually resolving into the form of a young Lyonesse coming into her full adulthood, her pelt done all over in a shade very much like that of blood. Her legs churned, pumping swiftly as she wove amongst the long golden blades around her, her breath coming in swift pants. She didn’t even slow for a tree trunk, partially rotted, that had fallen across the path she took; she simply leapt over it with a bunching of her powerful muscles and continued her run on the other side. Once or twice, she spared a ruby-eyed glance over her shoulder, as if looking for something, but it wasn’t for a few more seconds that what she sought came into view – a male Lyon, tawny brown in color with a youth’s ragged mane, coppery in color, hanging around his throat, having finally come in completely all around his head.
He was burly, but in a gangly sort of way, and looked as young as the female he chased. His speed

Dobra wiadomość dla Polaków, :icongreatmarta: już pracuje nad tłumaczeniem powieści na nasz piękny, acz nieco trudny język: Forges of Dawn Sneak Peak PLNapisała – E. M. Kinsey
Z języka angielskiego przełożyła – GreatMarta
Kuźnie Świtu – Zapowiedź.  
Przez otwarte równiny mknęła czerwona smuga, przybierając stopniowo kształt młodej Lyonessy, niemal już dorosłej. Pod jej futrem koluru krwi rysowały się imponujące mięśnie, pracujące na pełnych obrotach. Zdyszana i zdeterminowana, niestrudzenie przedzierała się przez morze złotych źdźbeł. Gdy na drodze jej wyrósł na wpół spróchniały pień drzewa, pokonała go potężnym susem i gnała dalej. Raz czy dwa spojrzała się za siebie, jakby czegoś szukała, lecz minęło jeszcze kilka sekund nim obiekt poszukiwań pojawił się w zasięgu jej rubinowych ślepi.
Był to samiec jej gatunku, płowobrązowy, z rozczochraną


Hey guys,
I already wrote about this in the description of the last ALK page… but it turned out that not everybody is good at reading those (asking about the plot of the next comic and when it’s coming right under the text that answers the both questions, I mean, seriously?). That’s why I’m repeating it here. It’s probably pointless, though. If somebody cannot be bothered to read a picture’s description, it’s small chance that he or she will make an effort to look up a journal entry.

So, in case anybody is reading this, right now I’m taking a month-long vacation from comic making. The first page of the next comic will appear on December 27. The story will be titled “Once Upon a Freidnship” and is going to be 18 pages long (the last page is a full-page spread). As it goes for the plot, at first the story may appear to be entirely about pony OCs, however, I promise that before it ends, you'll recognize some familiar faces. I’m not telling more, since story is short and thus easy to spoil.

And now the important part, in “Once Upon a Freidnship” there are a couple of scenes for with I’ll be needing background ponies, unicorns to be more precise. I realized that instead of drawing a bunch of random characters, it would be nice to use my friends’ OCs instead. So? Anyone interested in a cameo (or cameos, since you’re more than welcome to submit more than one character). I’m not picky. I’ll pretty much accept any pony as long as it’s a unicorn or an alicorn (in the case of the latter, be aware that I’ll draw you character in clothing concealing his or her wings). There is only one more requirement. I need to be shown at least one picture of your OC. Sorry, a written description won’t do.

Well, that’s pretty much it. If I think about anything else, I’ll write another journal entry, but for now it’s all. I hope you enjoyed this text, people who read the stuff I write (all two of you).



Marta Tarasiuk
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